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Junior coaching

The Lensbury has a very large junior programme that we pride ourselves on, encouraging children of all ages to take part and become excited about tennis.

Tennis is a sport for life. Our coaches aim to teach not only the technical and tactical side of the game but also help teach life skills through the sport. Here the juniors learn to socialise, work in teams, and respect each other in a fun environment. All our professional coaches are LTA licenced, CRB and first aid qualified.

What group is suitable for my child?

Tots Tennis (2.5-4yrs): An Introduction to tennis through play. Mum, Dad or Nanny are required to be around and are welcome on the court to assist. Aim is to develop physical skills and generic balls skills in a fun environment.

Munchkins (4-5yrs): The children play without Mum or Dad and develop ABC’s – Agility, Balance, Coordination and social skills through fun tennis relevant activities.

Red (5-8yrs): The children will learn basic coordination, movement, racquet and balls skills for tennis. These will be introduced through fun games and tennis activities.

Orange (9-10yrs): At this level youngsters will continue to develop coordination and movement, whilst improving the basic strokes, serving and rallying on a ¾ sized orange court. Volleys and Smashes will be introduced and used in singles and double games. Players will refine their technique and improve tactical awareness.

Green (10-11yrs): When you can rally and serve consistently and play a game with an understanding of tactics on the orange court, you should be ready to move onto a full sized court. You will practise all strokes in game based situations for singles and doubles improving consistency, spin, accuracy and pace.

Bronze (11yrs+): This is the level for juniors who have little tennis playing experience. Where appropriate lower compression balls will be used to make it easier to acquire the basic tennis skills and strokes so that you are able to play singles and doubles games.

Silver (12yrs+): You are able to serve accurately and rally consistently from the baseline playing forehands AND backhands. You will be able to execute basic strokes with topspin and slice and have a good understanding of singles and doubles tactics.

Gold (10yrs+): You now have a good grasp of technique, tactics and rules. You will practise and develop your ability to execute all strokes with spin, height, depth and direction enabling you to play tennis with confidence.

Please contact the tennis department to discuss more advanced team sessions.

Match Plays:

Thursday Junior Open Match Play @ 18:30-19:30: This is designed for juniors who play either Green or Yellow ball and would like to play some fun and relaxed matches. This is an ‘open’ match play for any standard of player.

Friday Challengers Match Play @ 18:45-20:00: This if for our challengers team players only. It is a fun but challenging and competitive match play session.

Saturday Red and Orange Match Play @ 13:30-14:30: This is for juniors (aged 6-9yrs) that can rally and serve. Here juniors can put into practise what they have learnt in the programme into matches.

Match plays Information: Please sign up at member’s reception. A qualified Lensbury coach runs this session. This is free for players who are currently in the coaching program. Otherwise, there is a £5.00 fee to pay.

Click HERE for our Junior Activity Page. Our Activity Programmes contain information about the junior tennis coaching during term time and school holidays.

We look forward to seeing you on the court!

Please contact our Racquets Manager on 020 8614 6412 or email [email protected] for more information.

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