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Adult coaching


adult coaching

We have a number of adult groups that run throughout the week. They range from our Beginner groups (Level 1) to the more advanced adult team sessions.

In order for us to find the right group for you please contact the tennis team on either 0208 614 6412 or [email protected]

Group Levels:

Level 1: This group is for complete beginners who are new to the sport. Here you will learn all the basic strokes; forehand, backhand, volley and serve. You will also start to understand the scoring system.

Level 2: For players who understand the rules and scoring for tennis, can rally from the baseline, recover position on court between points, serve to the correct box, return cross court from both sides, volley and smash from close volley positions.

Level 3: For players who can rally cross court hitting forehands and backhands for at least 10 shots. You should be able to hit ground strokes baseline to baseline, serve to both sides of each service box and approach the net, volley and smash.

Level 4: For players who are able to hit ground strokes consistently to all parts of the court using topspin and slice. Players can change the direction of shots, can serve consistently and accurately on a second serve and can volley, smash and run back for lobs.

Level 5: For competent players who can play ground strokes to rally, defend and attack, hit passing shots, lob to defend and attack, execute and retrieve a drop shot and volley and smash to win a point.

Level 6: For players who can generate and vary power, spin on all shots and play effective shots from all parts of the court.

Click HERE for our Adult Activity Page. Our Activity Programmes contain information about the adult tennis coaching during term time.

Me & 3 Adult Coaching 

The ‘Me & 3’ is a new way of setting up your own coaching group. If you and 3 friends are of a similar level and would like to set up a group that suits a day and time for you, then let us know. We will find a suitable coach and create a new session that starts with you and your friends and can grow from there. These sessions run in line with the school terms.

Please contact our Racquets Manager on 020 8614 6412 or email [email protected] for more information.

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