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Dress Code and Court Etiquette


Dress Code:

  • Members and guests must wear tops, shorts, skirts, trainers and tracksuits that are appropriate for Tennis; coloured items are permitted.
  • If leggings are worn, please wear with a skirt or shorts.
  • The appropriate footwear for the surface must be worn. No trainers on the grass courts (tennis shoes only).

Court Etiquette:

Tennis etiquette exists to help everyone enjoy the game. Sportsmanship, consideration, and politeness have been part of the sport since the beginning of time. Please read the following points:

  • Do not walk behind a court during an active point. Pass as quickly as possible after a point has finished.
  • When retrieving your ball from another court please ensure their point has finished.
  • Talk quietly if you are near tennis courts that are in use.
  • Often a ball from another court will end up on your court. To return a ball simply roll it safely to the back of the court and not direct to a player unless he/she requests it.
  • Pass a ball to the server at a sensible speed so that it is easy to catch.
  • Do not disturb people on your court until after their time is up.
  • Before starting to play, ensure the courts and any equipment are in a safe and suitable condition to use.

15min Rule: If someone has not turned up for their court after 15mins you are able to claim the court. However, this rule does not apply to prearranged Lensbury session so please double check with Members’ Reception.

For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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