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Honey Bees Come to the Lensbury

lensbury-beesWe are very excited to welcome two hives of honeybees to the roof tops of the Lensbury!  Roof top hives have been a growing phenomenon in central London led by Fortnum and Mason, Royal Festival Hall, the Tate Gallery and others and we are delighted to join this “sky high” community.

Under the tutelage of Martin Kenny, of the Teddington Bee Society and Riverside Honey Company, 10 May saw the arrival of our first hive and Queen Bee.  Three weeks later we saw the second hive arrive and are already anticipating our honey harvest.  Our Bee Mentor was very impressed with how swiftly our bees settled in and started their honey making.

Pete Taylor, our resident carpenter, volunteered to be the Caretaker and is being trained by his Bee Mentor over the next six months to raise happy and healthy bees.  He’s planning on taking official exams next year as he is having so much fun.  You’ll see his picture below kitted out to meet his new 80,000 best friends!

Meanwhile, our Head Gardner Karl and his team have been busy planting new areas of wildflowers which you will see growing over the summer.  Our bees not only collect honey from our flowers but also from the 400 trees on the estate – it really is a bit of paradise for them.

The Lensbury has a very wide Environmental Programme which covers a number of areas – facilities, processes and people.  Our refurbishment programme, for the facilities, is about upgrading all of our heating and cooling equipment to make sure it is the most energy efficient available .

In terms of waste we recycle 93% of all our waste – food, paper, plastic, etc.  We invested £125,000 in a food waste processor which now converts all but our largest bones and oil (which we recycle in another way).  All other major waste items are separated on site or by our waste supplier and re-used.  Old furniture and office equipment is donated to charities in the area.  We have reduced the chemical usage on the Grounds following a full review and are re-working the Grounds to increase flood absorbency.  All trees planted are reviewed in terms of the overall biodiversity of the neighbourhood.

We’ll let you know how the bees are getting on and what we do with the honey!

For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6402 or 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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