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Exercise of the month

Push Up Row

A more advanced exercise to the push up, it works the core harder and gets more muscles involved. When performed correctly it works the chest, shoulders, arms, back, abs and even the legs.

Step 1:
Push-Up-RowsStart in a push up position with each hand on a dumbbell (use light weights to start). Keep your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Balance on your hands and toes with your feet spread wide for stability. Keep your back straight, squeeze in the abs (maintain this for the whole exercise)

Step 2:
Perform a press up, when returning to the start position add in the row by raising one dumbbell while stabilising your body with the other arm

Step 3:
Return the dumbbell gently to the ground and repeat another push up

Step 4:
Continue the push up row motion alternating arms.


This is a very challenging exercise, especially if it is put into a circuit formation. A beginner should aim to use 2.5kg weights and try to do three sets of 20 repetitions of this. As this becomes easier you should try using heavier weights. As the weights get heavier you then reduce your repetitions down to around 10 per set. Dumbbells can be located on the gym floor of The Lensbury.

Regression – perform on the knees as a box push up – do one press up for each arm row.

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