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Gym and Studio Upgrades Coming Soon!

Dear Valued Member,

As the new and proud owners of the Lensbury, we are delighted to share exciting plans for a new gym and studio experience to enhance your fitness and wellbeing.
We have taken our first few months of ownership to plan a wide-ranging improvement programme based on your feedback and the latest industry innovations available.
Work will start on the first phase of our programme on Monday 18th November to upgrade the gym and studios.
We will be sharing our full schedule of work, logistics and temporary arrangements shortly, but rest assured that all the works will be carried out with minimum disruption to you.

Going high tech in the gym
We have worked with industry leading designers to re-configure the current space to optimise the gym floor to deliver a high-tech training experience with dedicated cardio, strength, functional and group exercise zones.
Market leading gym equipment supplier, Technogym, has been chosen to provide a whole suite of state-of-the-art fully-connected cardiovascular and strength equipment. This ranges from treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and climbers to pin-loaded and new plate-loaded strength equipment as well as free weights. Also look out for a new range of Technogym Skill programmes.
Another new innovation in the pipeline is the MyWellness Cloud. This will let you monitor your lifestyle and daily activity through a series of portals in the gym, online and on the go using the MyWellness App.

Transforming the group exercise studios
Having carefully analysed usage trends and occupancy levels as well as taking on board your feedback, we are delighted to share the planned changes to our group exercise studios.

• Studio 1 – High Energy/HIIT Studio
We will be upgrading the flooring in this studio, introducing the latest ‘PaviGym motion’ flooring that will provide a much better surface for all high energy classes.
A full storage rig – equipped with the latest training equipment as well as additional cardiovascular equipment including Assault bikes, Ski Ergos and Concept2 rowers – will also be installed.
These changes will enable us to offer a greater range of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes as well as our regular programme. Members will also be able to use this space for their own exercise routines when classes are not scheduled.

• Studio 2 – Holistic Studio
We have introduced a number of improvements to the booking process and availability for all group exercise classes, but are conscious that demand for holistic classes is still very high. To address this, we will be extending the current holistic studio into a section of the children’s games room. This will increase the size of classes to accommodate more members.

• Group Cycling Studio
Group cycling classes are also exceptionally popular, but we are currently limited by the size of the studio and the number of bikes available. To address this, we will be extending the group cycling studio into the children’s games room. This will increase the number of bikes from 14 to 25. We will also be introducing a full range of new Life Fitness ICG7 bikes, along with improved technology, to continue to deliver the popular ‘coach by colour’ system.

Children’s Games Room
We will temporarily relocate the children’s games activities to a dedicated space within the Rockhall room while we continue to fine tune the next stage of our investment programme.

Keeping you posted
We are very excited about delivering these improvements and will be sending you regular updates on our progress. We will soon be putting together a display area to share computer generated images, the new gym floor layout and the full range of equipment that will be available.
We are fully committed to improving our service and programme to enhance the overall member experience at the Lensbury and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and continued membership.

Yours faithfully,
Julie Hammond
Managing Director

For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6402 or 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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