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Letter from Chief Executive

18 March 2015


Dear Members

We have been informed by the Planning Officer in charge of the Teddington & Ham Hydro planning application that this application will be heard either at the1 or 15 April Planning Committee.  The Lensbury’s position continues to be “OBJECTION” to this application.

There had been some hope following the Objections filed by The Teddington Society, the Thames Anglers’ Conservancy and the residents living on Broom Water West, as well as the vast majority of those letters coming from the Teddington area, that a dialogue would open on concerns and changes required to get support for a proper development.   Objection statistics (as of today):

Overall                                                 Teddington Residents

Object:             401 (64%)                                 219 (81%)
Support:           228 (36%)                                 50 (19%)

You will see that the Objections are significant, but the Application has not been altered in any way. Ham Hydro’s management have only commented that the Environment Agency (EA) has dictated the design of the installation. Our Member’s website ( includes our full OBJECTION documents, some key Objection letters which are informative, expert reports and other information which may be of interest.

The concerns of the Lensbury remain the same as before.  The issues surrounding noise, environmental impact, heritage assets alterations, flooding are all areas of concern as it effects the planning application. There are other concerns also raised on financial viability, health and safety issues on the plant’s operations, and of the EA rescue plans should the limited company fail to complete the build.

The Board and the management of the Lensbury feel that this development will damage the environment through increasing local flooding, destroy the heritage views, create a significant noise nuisance and degrade the special nature of the area.  This will have financial impacts on the Lensbury, which will impair our ability to maintain the facilities and the jobs on this site.


There are several things you can do:

  1. Write and Objection letter and post to the Council Planning website – click here for online form:
    Write your Objection to your Local Councillor, so they are aware of your concern. (Sarah Churchill and Martin Elengorn are Teddington Councillors and both sit on the Planning Committee).  List of all Councillors and Members of the Planning Committee can be found on the website.
  2.  Attend the Planning Committee Meeting to show your lack of support for this Application.  The date will be confirm shortly and we will email all members once we have the confirmed day and time.
  3. Please copy us in on any Objections or Letters to Councillors – and thank you for the overwhelming Member support that has been given in dealing with this inappropriate development Application.

Sincerely yours


Lacy Curtis-Ward


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For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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