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Ham Hydro 2014

Monday 22nd September

HH_050_71_Lensbury 01Ham Hydro have submitted a revised Planning Application which will be found at Planning Application to build a hydro-electric power plant at Teddington Lock . We encourage all members to urgently review this material. Because this is considered a completely new application, the Council will not consider any of the Objections to the original application and all Objections will have to be re-submitted within a short time frame.

The group held two public meetings in the Teddington community late last year where a large number of the public (and members) attended and voiced concerns. A transcript of the November 2013 meeting is available below. Following those meetings, the Council asked for the group to withdraw their application and reconsider elements of the application.

HH_060_71_Teddington BridgeTeddington and Ham Hydro Ltd officially withdrew the original planning application for the development on the 9 September 2014, just prior to the new application being filed. Objections to the original application included a variety of issues including questions about inadequate health and safety management and design, detrimental impacts on heritage and conservation areas, noise and environmental surveys. The application was opposed by The Lensbury, The Teddington Society, RNLI, the Thames’ Anglers Conservancy plus others in the Teddington community.

The power plant is due to cost in excess of £4 million and generate 1.6-1.9 gigawatts of power saving 1000 tons of CO2 according to HAM Hydro promotional material. The revised design of the structure is very similar in size and appearance to the original application, and of course remains located on the Weir abutting The Lensbury gardens. In an effort to preserve the safety, beauty and peacefulness of the estate, The Lensbury has instructed a panel of experts to review all of the components of the proposal. On initial review of the application material, The Lensbury maintains its previous position “We support the development of hydropower on the Teddington Weir but Object to this application as an inappropriate development.”

If you would like to submit your objection or a comment of support you can do this online at Richmond Council Website or by writing a letter to:

Mr Derek Tanner, Case Officer
Environmental Directorate, Planning
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
Civic Centre
44 York Street


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HH_050_71_Lensbury 01

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Wednesday 11th December

On Wednesday 11th December a public meeting was held at Sacred Heart Church, Teddington, regarding Ham Hydro. For those of you who were not able to attend please click here to view the transcript of the meeting.

For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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