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Lockside Project 2015 FAQ’s

Q.1. How long will the Project last?
The Project will happen in six major phases over a four month period – a pre-construction element will happen behind the scenes for the last two weeks in February and Member areas will affected on a rolling basis from 2 March to the end of June.

Q.2. How will the phasing work?
The gym will not be affected by the work (the things we have to do there will largely be done overnight).  The studio classes will also not be affected and will run as normal (there will be some movement of the location of classes but this will be minimal.)

Phase 1: the Men’s Changing Room (2 March -10 April)

On 2 March the Family Changing room becomes the temporary Men’s Changing Room (along with a new dry changing facility for men directly across the corridor.)   The Squash Courts Men’s Changing room, is being refurbished and, will be available to Men who do not wish to use the “gang showers” available in the Family Changing room.

Phase 2: the Female Changing Room (13 April-29 May)

When the Men’s Changing Rooms are finished, the ladies move into this new facility, as the temporary Female Changing Rooms.  The men continue to use the Family Changing and the new dry changing area.

Phase 3: the Pool (30 March – 29 May)

The Pool closes for full refurbishment and the creation of the new Sauna/Steam room.  We are arranging for access to nearby pools for our Members and will announce details shortly.

Phase 4 the Family Changing Rooms (1 June – 3 July)

The ladies and men will move into their new permanent changing rooms 30 May and the Family/Disabled changing room will be closed for refurbishment and the new Wellness Room built.

Phase 5 the Blitz (23 March – 17 April)

The Crèche and the Blitz will close and the Crèche will move to the Weirbank Room temporarily and eventually to the Garden Room permanently.  The Blitz will close until 17 April and re-open in a slightly altered location on the ground floor with new exercise and new Game Zone equipment.

Phase 6A Spin Studio (During June)

Creation of new, dedicated Spin Studio.

Phase 6B Lockside Reception Area (27 April-5 June)

Refurbishment of Reception area.

Q.3. When will the Pool shut?
The pool will be shut for nine weeks from 30 March to 29 May for a full refurbishment and the installation of two separate filtration systems, which will mean there will be less “down time” of the main pool, when there is an accident in the learner pool.  The pool will be completely refurbished as well as the entire pool area with new tiling, new windows and the creation of the new Thermal room.

Q.4. Will there be alternative pool use possible?
When we have to shut the pool for major refurbishment (which happens roughly every 15 years) we arrange for members to use other pools in the neighbourhood.  Entrance vouchers will be available for access to Teddington Pools, Hampton Pool and the Hilton at Syon Park.  A third facility, we hope, we will be announcing shortly.  The last time we had a full refurbishment of the pool we arranged for access to Teddington Pools and this time, have been able to give other options as well.

Q.5. When will swimming lessons re-start?
1st June

Q.6. Will there be a reduction in membership fees?
No, the policy is to provide alternative facilities, as we have done in the past. The usual cancellation/suspension/freeze policies will continue to apply.

Q.7. I’ve heard that this Lockside refurbishment is for the rugby teams?
No, this project is an upgrade and improvement in facilities for the Members.

Q.8. Benefits and new facilities of the project?
Project will include a number of key works:

Upgrading of the heating, cooling, ventilation, water and electrical supply and distribution, allowing for an increase in capacity for hot water, separate climate control for each studio, more efficient lighting and heating, for reduced energy usage and easier access for equipment maintenance.
Refurbishment of the two pools and installation of separate filtration systems, reducing the number of times we have to close the pools due to accidents in the training pool.
Complete renovation of the men’s, ladies and family changing rooms increasing the size of the men’s changing room by 40% and the ladies’ changing rooms by 10%.  The family changing rooms will see the creation of four new private changing rooms, each with shower and dry areas, and the loss of the “gang shower” area.
The creation of a new large, shared steam and sauna room with two “experience showers” and “relax area” for men and women (over 16’s only).
The creation of a new, third dedicated “spin” exercise studio on the ground floor.  The new studio allows for additional spin classes to be offered and enhanced capacity in Studio 1.
New reception area with reconfigured reception desk, security gates and staff office.
Launch of new Blitz/Den offer on ground floor
Upgrading of IT infrastructure, for better connectivity
Full upgrade of all finishes in the new changing rooms, reception area, pool, new studio, Blitz/Den, main staircase and redecoration of studios to four star levels.
Replacement of pre-2001 windows and addition of new window in Blitz area and office areas
Movement of the Crèche to the Garden Room, permanently following the completion of the project.
Q.9. Where can I see the design Mood Boards?
Members’ Reception has the mood boards for those who wish to see the quality of the new finishes and get an idea of the design influences.

Q.10. Will the air conditioning/heating issues in the studios be fixed?

One of the key aspects of this project is to improve the mechanical and electrical aspects of Lockside.  The components/controls of the existing heating/cooling units will be completely overhauled.

Q.11. I hear the sauna/steam rooms are being taken out of the changing rooms and being made unisex.  Why?

In response to members’ input, our design team has successfully retained the same sex sauna facilities in each of the changing rooms and a new unisex thermal suite in the pool side area.

Q.12. I hear the “Adult only” areas are being taken out of the changing rooms.  Why?

There will be “adult only” areas in both changing rooms.

Q.13. How can I arrange access for the alternative pools?  Are there any restrictions?

Our arrangement with Teddington Pools and Hampton Pools is for unlimited daily usage during their operational hours for general swimming sessions in the pool.  Hampton Pool also includes access to the sauna.  Hilton Syon Park operate restricted access for their small pool (unsuitable for lane swimming). Vouchers/passes will be available to collect from the Members’ Reception area in due course.  Members will be required to present these at the venues along with their Lensbury Membership Card.

For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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