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Legend - New System Launch


  1. What is the new Legend system and how does it affect members?

    The new system is being provided by the leading leisure management software company. This system will help The Lensbury improve our member journey for bookings / payments / news updates etc.

  2. When will the new system be launched?

    The new Legend System will go live on the morning of Tuesday 3rd October 2017

  3. I’m trying to fill in my membership card number on the registration link and it does not recognise the number?

    The membership number specifically listed on your email link at the bottom of the
    first paragraph is the correct number to use.
    If you do not use the email link and end up going on to the web page directly, there
    is a slight amendment to membership numbers on the new system; you need to
    remove the hyphen (-) and last two zeros (00) at the end of your card number.
    If your membership number has a zero (0) at the beginning,
    please do not use this zero when registering (only six digits are required).
    The registration process only requires the membership number + only one other
    mandatory field (you can enter your DOB; telephone number or address). The details
    must match what you provided on your membership forms when you joined the Club! Please do ask our team to verify your information on our system as sometimes these details require updating.
    The same email link can be used for multiple members of the same family as long as
    the membership numbers are differentiated when registering.

  4. Will the way we book in online for classes change?

    Yes, the existing web page for class bookings will expire at 2pm on Monday 2nd October; the only way to book in for classes after 2pm on this particular day will be  through Lockside or Members’ Reception.
    The new web page for bookings will go live from 8am on Tuesday 3rd October.

  5. I’ve heard that my old log-in to book in for classes via the website will no longer be valid and I need to register again for the new system?

    That is correct, new log-in details need to be registered the first time you access the  new system. An email link to the new registration web page will be sent to members on Wednesday 27th September. Please do register your details as soon as possible as these details are required prior to being able to book in online for classes on the new system.
    The Lockside and Members’ Reception teams have also been issued with ‘tablets’
    that will enable them to assist members to log-in for the first time.

  6. Will my existing membership card still work with the new set-up?

    Yes, but there will be a slight amendment on the “hyphen” and “zero” on your card  number. The membership sequence number will remain the same. This will not affect your access into the Club.

  7. Will the new system be able to penalise those members who continually “no show” for classes?

    As of December 2017, the system will automatically generate reports of members who “no show” for classes without cancelling in ample time. December will see the testing  period for this and there will be a “three strike” policy that will block repeat offenders from being able to book in for classes for predefined periods.

  8. Are you launching a new “app” for bookings etc.?

    Yes, a new “app” is being developed and will go live in January 2018.

  9. Will my new registration details also work for the new mobile device “app”?

    Yes, further details about access to the “app” will be circulated later this year.

  10. What will be the benefits of the new “app”?

    Once the “app” goes live, members will receive a seamless journey into booking classes and activities. It will also enable us to be more dynamic with news feeds and keep you updated on any urgent topics.


For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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