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November 2016 (General Questions)

1. What is the policy on general communication to members within the Lensbury?
Our proactive communication channels are the Lensbury News (quarterly), letters (as needed), Social Media (as needed), e-bulletins (monthly), digital screens (daily), notice boards (daily) and signage (daily) in departments. Specialist areas also run Facebook pages (like tennis). We are using SMS for emergency communications for certain class participants (i.e. when a teacher is held up in traffic or sick).

We try to communicate as effectively as possible for the majority of members. We recognize that sometimes individuals want more communication, in a certain style, and some individuals want less. For example only half of our members are on email and so we have to balance out resources in order to accommodate as many members as possible.

2. How often is the information on the website updated, as there is a lot of out of date information? e.g. group classes.
We agree some of the pages have been out of date for a while and we are in the process of allocating specific staff to update certain areas of the website and to complete updating of all pages ahead of the New Year. We are also reviewing the structure of the website to simplify it following the introduction of a new Membership system 3Q next year.

3. What is the policy on studio class controls? E.g. reserve lists, cancellations.
Unfortunately, our system does rely heavily on human intervention (members actually cancelling the classes to avoid being a ‘no-show’ and also our team having to monitor classes and then contact repeat offenders). We acknowledge this is a reactive process and we are currently preparing for the installation of a new Membership system that will allow us to more fully automate this process. In the meantime, there will be a renewed focus on monitoring of classes.

The preparation for the installation of a new Membership system takes 18 months – the specification has been written involving all operational departments, nine national suppliers have tendered for the system, site visits are being carried out and each system will be graded against the specification criteria, a short list will be developed, due diligence on each short listed company will be carried out and we expect to choose a preferred supplier in 1Q next year with a planned implementation in 3Q 2017.

4. Why is the Adrenalin shop closing?
The £1.6m Ground Floor Investment project for 2017 means the Spa, Members’ Reception and office areas are being relocated. The small building, where the Adrenalin shop is located, needs full refurbishment, not having had its M&E infrastructure replaced since its construction in the mid 1970’s. The current Members’ Reception and Spa areas also require this extensive refurbishment. This necessitates the closing of the shop for an extended period of time, and this required closure has allowed us to assess the best use of this space.

5. How will we be able to buy last minute emergency items?
We have made arrangements for tennis items such as balls and grips to be made available from Members’ Reception from January 2017. Our resident coach Tom Freeman will be offering a racquet restringing service. The turnaround time will be 24 to 48 hours and bookings will be taken through Members’ Reception. Furthermore, there will be swimming supplies available for purchase at Lockside.

6. Why has the Spa been prioritised over the shop and why relocate?
As far more members use the Spa, than the shop, prioritizing it makes sense. The Spa’s position in the main building has been a constant source of complaint, as its location is noisy and not conducive to the best treatment experience.

7. What is the Lensbury going to do with the increased number of members using up table and chairs in the bar and food areas for business purposes?
The Teddington area has amongst the largest number of professional ”home workers” in the UK and many Lensbury members do use the Ground Floor to work from. We will continue to monitor the situation and will review again once the 2017 Project is completed. We are hopefully the extra seating created by the Ground Floor project will help to alleviate the situation.

8. What is the solution for accommodating bridge players due to increased numbers?
The number of bridge lessons can be increased, using the current Bridge Room and subject to a local teacher being sourced. Evening Bridge can continue to use the Diner. Social Bridge Play will continue to be limited to 3-4 tables in the Conservatory during the allocated day and in the Bridge Room when classes are not being held.

9. What is the solution for increasing bridge lessons?
We plan to recruit an additional bridge teacher for next year, to use the Bridge Room for teaching.

10. What are the current controls for the temperatures in the studios?
The control of the studios are set to specific ranges depending on the activities planned for the rooms. The Studio 1 houses the more active classes and so is kept between 18-20 degrees. Studio 2, which houses the Pilates and Yoga classes, is kept at a higher temperature 20-22 degrees. The “feel of the room” will vary depending on the outside temperature, amount of sunlight hitting the room, time of day and number of people in the room – the system will automatically cool/heat to the pre-set temperature and will normally take 10 minutes to equalize the internal temperature to the pre-set level. Participants may ask for the temperature to be raised/lowered by two degrees of the pre-set levels by asking at Lockside reception.

11. What is the current stand on Ham Hydro?
HAM Hydro has put forward no new scheme as of today’s date. When a new application is submitted to the Council, it will go through the normal consultation period where all interested parties may comment. We will submit any new application to our professional experts for their advice and then take a view once that advice is received.

12. At the start of the next meeting could you run through everything discussed in the previous meeting and highlight what has or hasn’t been accomplished?
For all of the monthly 2016 Members’ Meetings, there have been a tiny number of participants at each meeting with a narrow focus of conversation. For larger meetings we are happy to publish FAQ’s of the meeting and post on the website and then review at future meetings.

For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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