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Swimming Nature FAQ's

Swimming Nature FAQ’s

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Q1. Why has The Lensbury changed its swimming lessons for children?

Feedback from Members was that classes were too crowded and we wanted to put a scheme in place that would give the best instruction possible and come as close to a guarantee that all children who take the course end up as strong technical swimmers who feel secure in the water. As the largest independent provider of swimming tuition in the UK, Swimming Nature, with their innovative yet proven system of teaching, fit the bill. We are looking forward to establishing a core standard to our programme.

This change also took on board member feedback that changing rooms were too overcrowded during lessons; the emphasis on smaller groups will enable us to stagger the lesson start times in the future so most participants get maximum enjoyment from the facilities.

From a club management perspective, due to the volume of children on swimming lessons and the associated risks, it was vital that we consulted with specialists and enhanced our due diligence / best practice.

Q2. Please explain the change in the pricing?

Prices have risen but the training is now far more personalised. Previously students were largely in a 1-8 or 1-6 ratio instruction. The maximum is now a 1–3 ratio which ensures increased tuition time for each student. This increased technique focus means the children learn faster.

Our previous prices remained frozen for many years and the new prices are similar to like for like competitors.

Q3. What is the 20% discount?

With a 20% discount for current swimming lesson customers who book before the end of July, this equates to £12 per 1-3 lesson, rising to £15 in subsequent terms. The prices for baby sessions are £9.60 for next term and one to one lessons are £27.20.

Please call the customer service team on 03445 04 05 06 for further information.

Q4. What is Swimming Nature?

Swimming Nature is focused on providing in-water bespoke tuition without the use of floats in order to teach children and adults how to learn to swim beautifully.

Click here to see more about this company

Q5. Why are we not able to book directly at The Lensbury anymore?

Using the Swimming Nature booking system is designed to make it easier to book and to avoid members having to queue or chase up our team. The data capture on their part will enable a more sophisticated process for booking future terms.

Q6. I cannot get bookings on to the same time slots as before?

Every attempt has been made to find suitable slots and keeping a consistency from previous bookings. However, it has not been possible to simply transfer all lessons exactly as they were due to the focus on smaller groups in the main pool. Please do let Swimming Nature know your preferred times as they will work hard to try and accommodate your needs.

Q7. Will the smaller groups mean there is less capacity for overall lessons?

No. Although the groups are smaller, the lessons will be offered for more extended periods throughout the week. For example, additional lessons will be scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, as well as extended hours on weekend mornings.

Q8. Is it true that a lane in the pool will be open during swimming lessons?

Yes. Our focus is keep at least one lane open at all times for the general swimmer. All activities including Swimming lessons and Aqua classes will function with a lane open in the main pool. The learner pool will remain open during all classes from August onwards.

Q9. What is happening with Swim Clinics?

These sessions will transition into a ‘Development Squad’. There will be a continuation of the fun, group element of the Swim Clinics with added focus on technique. The teacher to student ratio will be one to ten. The cost of these sessions will be discounted to £8 for next term and £10 thereafter. Additional slots have been scheduled in to accommodate enough students.

There will be free trials to get on to the squad so all bookings will be provisional until then. The trials are essential for Swimming Nature to gauge the water competency of the students. The dates of these trials are:-

Tuesday 11th August – 6pm to 7pm

Friday 14th August – 6pm to 7pm

Tuesday 18th August – 6pm to 7pm

Friday 21st August – 6pm to 7pm

Please note only one of these trials needs to be attended. Good Luck!

To find out more about Swimming Nature’s tuition, call 03445 04 05 06, or visit


For further information or to speak with one of our team, please call 0208 614 6420 alternatively let us call you.

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